ASOS customer service and response time is seriously the worst, worse than China-owned online stores. First incident: I emailed ASOS about an order return and they only replied it after 4 weeks. Lucky, I got through their online chat with one of its customer officers and managed to get some answers after 2 days.

I had to call asos customer service and then they mention, it has been dropped in no 20 not 17?

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If you're buying a formal, prom, or wedding dress or suit from Asos, take advantage of the free shipping both ways if you can. Order a range of sizes and send back the clothes that don't fit. 3.
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Crash course This programme is especially designed for intense improvement in handwriting for school students and Teachers. Avoid at all costs. Lets look at it from a physical shop perspective.

You walk into a shop, the cashier checks they have the size you need. Confirmed your sized items are in the store room you pay at the counter and the cashier goes to get your items. The floor staff have no idea. As you continue to stand in the shop waiting, you spot another cashier.. Maybe they can help?!

This cashier engages with you but states he does not know where the original cashier or your items but gives you a phone number tracking number which does not work. So you go back to this cashier to explain the number doesn't work and this time he acknowledges you have paid for the items but informs you Asos will be holding on to your money for now. However he assures you you can go home happy without your items or your money!

Does this seem normal to you? When Asos FINALLY get in touch they do not know what happened to that cashier or your items and low and behold they are now out of stock of the items you originally paid for?! Whether it's clear cut fraud or not, Asos are breaking their obligation to uphold the Consumer Agreement Act by failing to deliver products purchased within the agreed delivery date. I urge anyone who is experiencing these issues with Asos to seriously consider opening a dispute. I also urge anyone considering buying from this company to read all the reviews you can find there are numerous reviews similar to mine.

There needs to be an investigation into Asos conduct. Asos seem to have a positive reputation in the past so perhaps they have changed management? Perhaps they are now on the brink of bankruptcy and have to go to the measures of selling stock they do not have to stay afloat?

Perhaps it is just fraud and they are relying on those customers who do not open disputes? Perhaps they are actually just seriously incompetent this one seems the most far fetched! Maybe Asos should advertise for short term investment for zero return - this is what they are doing only consumers are conned into doing so!? What a nightmare dealing with this company. Bought an item 10 days ago and it was supposed to arrive on the 29th. Emailed customer service and never got a response.

Messaged them on FB and was told to now wait 9 more days! Now I have to contact my bank, dispute, and get a new card ordered.

I ordered a dress and some earrings to wear at a wedding, and allowed at least 20 days for them to get here. Still no sign of them and the customer service is telling me that they have no idea where it is. Did a black hole suck my dress and earrings in? Did they never exist? Or were they time travellers stuck in only to travel back to their time on the day of delivery? Should we look at the fine print to make sure if standard shipping also includes Last time I'll ever shop with this godforsaken website.

My experience has been horrible and has gone so far as to cause me anxiety and stress over the whole situation. I ordered a bikini on the 14th of August on the Australian website. When I receive the item after a little while, they seem to have sent me the wrong size. Whether or not that comes from a faulty conversion between the Australian and UK website or from a mistake when sending the item, I don't know, but the fix is fairly simple: For them to send me the item I originally ordered, and for me to return the other item.

However, it did not turn out to be that simple. I contacted ASOS via chat straight away, and was told they would send my issue to a "specialist team". When asked how long it could take, they told me that due to high workloads it could take up to 10 days.

I also contacted ASOS via Facebook, and after being asked for my order number and email, they stopped replying. On the 29th I got a response telling me I'd been sent a replacement, but in the message, they told me the size was the same as the one I originally got which was, of course, the incorrect size , so I asked them straight away if the size they were to send would be the right size or not, and the person copied and pasted the original message. No answers were given.

I even provided pictures and a simple explanation in case they misunderstood, but still received no answer on Facebook or chat. I then went on to call customer service via the phone. This included me having to pay for credits to call a UK phone number, but at this point, I had tried every single option. I call and am quite quickly put in touch with a very helpful lady on the other end. She tells me they can't know for sure what size I've been sent as a replacement until it arrives, and she's very apologetic and generally a nice lady only positive reply so far.

So I am told to wait until it arrives, and so I do. I contact customer service via chat as the phone is not open yet, and am told to keep waiting. The person doesn't even answer any of my questions, and basically tells me to wait for an email, but what I'm waiting for and for how long I have no idea. He then proceeds to just end the chat abruptly. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to give zero stars but I would, if given the choice.

Dealing with ASOS's 'customer service' if you can even call it that is absolutely horrendous. Firstly, they do not give you the option to call them, only to do an online chat or e-mail, which should have been my first red flag.

After that, she said, they would be able to help me. So I messaged their online support and was given the answer that now I needed to wait until 10pm for the package to arrive. I told them I would be disputing the charges with PayPal. They changed their answer after that, of course. Telling me that they would need to wait for the damaged parcel to be returned to their warehouse which would take anywhere up to 10 days, and then I would have to wait up to 10 additional business days to receive a refund.

I asked how I would even know when the package was sent back to the warehouse and they informed me I would get an e-mail. I said thanks but no thanks and I will still be disputing the charges with PayPal. They disconnected the chat after that.

They are definitely my go to store but they have lost a loyal customer. I had this sent for 2 day shipping. When my package arrived to me it was already open and was missin 4 of the 5 items I ordered. I immediately contacted ASOS care team. I've emailed them over 5 times in the last 4 days as well as tried reaching them on multiple social media outlets. Nobody has contacted me back even showing concern to my situation.

I'm happy my bank reversed the transaction. It's their loss but definitely don't order or even bother with a company that could be so rude and careless to their customers. I tried to use my gift card voucher and instead my order got cancelled.

After requesting me to send my passport scan and my billing address prove and sending it, I got blocked with such text: Hello, With the information you've provided and after an assessment of your account, we've taken the decision to close your ASOS account. ASOS have made the decision not to accept any further orders from you.

If any orders are placed, they will be cancelled. As we're unable to help you further with this, any emails received about this matter will be automatically closed down with no response. I ordered several dresses from ASOS because someone recommended it, and one was nice but the other 4 look like material was cut and just slabbed together It was horrible and completely hideous.

Not to mention the duties that came with the costs. These reasonable priced dresses ended up costing a ton and are not even wearable!!!! ASOS customer service and response time is seriously the worst, worse than China-owned online stores.

I emailed ASOS about an order return and they only replied it after 4 weeks. Lucky, I got through their online chat with one of its customer officers and managed to get some answers after 2 days. Really, by the time they are willing to ship another pair, it should be at least 2 months since their supposed shipment date.

Hopefully, my feet won't grow another size. And hopefully, I won't have to return it. Waiting more than 1 month for a delivery to be resolved is unbelievable. I can understand shipment might get lost or thrown away by funny post people, but the way ASOS tries to resolve delivery issues is ridiculous by today's standards.

Quality of Aliexpress and Taobao items might be dubious for some, but at the very least, these Chinese companies are adamant to resolve delivery issues when they are informed of one.

ASOS is seriously still stuck in Last time ordering from ASOS. In the meantime, I'm going to spend some time and buy a pair of shoes from a physical store. Never had an issue and i've been ordering from them for the past 5 years. I also live in New York. I get my packages in a timely manner. I've placed rush delivery, got orders on time. The same with standard. Even my returns have been simple. Never had an issue with Asos. Doubt it, I don't think they sell any knock off's.

Depending on the print you got, some of them don't have stripes. Look, as I wrote here I shopped with them many times and I was never disappointed. I don't know where you buy from, but I live in Italy and it doesn't take more than working days for them to deliver the package. If you're concerned about the quality, well, it's not really top-notch, but considering the price it's really good you can't expect Max Mara quality from a shirt you paid 20 euros.

I have a body similar to that of most of their models, I ordered size 6 twice and it was a tiny bit small. All in all I trust them and I like their product. Perfect low-cost site to shop from online. It depends on where you live I guess?

I live in Iowa and most of the times it says it ships from New Jersey. The longest time it ever took to ship to me was 7 days but I've received it in 4 before. I've honestly never had any problems with this company. Like, I order, it ships quickly, I get my goods, if I don't like it, I ship it back with their free returns and I get my money back.

The only dirty thing they do is price gauging. I always buy things from the UK site now. Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! Whether you are attending prom for the first ASOS reviews Is this your business?

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